About Habitat for Humanity housing forums

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The forum's audience

The MENA Housing Forum will welcome a diversity of stakeholders and practitioners all engaged in the provision, management, governance, or research of adequate, inclusive, affordable and sustainable (both economically and environmentally) housing solutions.

Participants may include:  influential business leaders, policy-makers, academics, urban planners, architects, property developers, key representatives from international organizations, nongovernmental organizations, donor agencies, social enterprises, housing finance organizations, technology companies, youth organizations, researchers, advocates and others, from across the MENA region.

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Goal and objectives

Overall goal: to promote, advocate, and develop a common vision towards inclusive and sustainable housing for all, across the MENA region.


  • Advocate for a more inclusive housing sector that is accessible to vulnerable groups across the region;
  • Promote the building of sustainable cities and communities in a context of rapid urbanization, climate change and large-scale displacement;
  • Stimulate actions for adequate housing and cities as a sustainable recovery pathway amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Foster partnerships by connecting key sector players and sharing innovative solutions and best practices.

MENA Housing Forum Tracks

Track 1: Housing access among the vulnerable

  • Affordable housing for lower-income groups
  • Housing informality: from upgrading to revitalization
  • Mainstreaming gender in housing policies and programs
  • Supporting displaced and host populations through housing

Track 2: Best practices in housing and basic services

  • Best practices in housing finance and microfinance for the poor/vulnerable
  • The role of the private sector in providing affordable housing
  • Best practices in WASH services for deprived and peripheral communities

Track 3: Housing resilience and climate change

  • Climate change and the role of housing – takeaways from COP27
  • Towards a resilient housing sector: solutions from the MENA region
  • Reducing the contribution of the housing sector to Co2 emissions
  • Food security for housing resilience

Track 4: A multi-sectoral approach to the housing ecosystem

  • Local economic development and livelihood integration in housing planning and renovation
  • Data for more resilient and inclusive cities
  • Housing, land, and property rights (HLP)
  • Key conclusions from the Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon National Housing Forums

Expected outcomes:

  • Partnerships: Sector players will be better connected and enabled to engage with one another in impactful and collaborative projects;
  • Innovation: Innovative solutions to housing will be showcased and participants will be inspired to replicate and create their own solutions;
  • Advocacy: Critical policy positions will be presented to engage and influence decision makers –including donors, corporations, civil society;
  • Reach: Participants will be better informed regarding needs and opportunities to reach communities unable to access adequate housing.
Download the MENA Housing Forum 2022 report (PDF)

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