Lebanon Housing Forum

When: October 27th, 2022 (9am - 5pm)
Where: Beirut Digital District
How: In person only

Lebanon Housing Ecosystem Study (PDF)Dialogue on Housing in Lebanon Report (PDF)
Building a community of experts

A platform for discussion

The event will be divided into into three sessions including plenary & discussions, presentation of organizing partners' work, a workshop and Q&As.

It aims to attract a wide range of stakeholders, such as public and private sector actors, researchers, academics, funding agencies, urban planners, practitioners, activists, organizations, and local and international NGOs.

Expected outcomes:

  • Explore creative and effective housing solutions to address precarities in dilapidated clusters and introduce practical short and medium turn within the existing institutional and regulatory framework in Lebanon.
  • Contribute to shared learnings on disaster recovery pathways
  • Initiate a networking for the diverse group of stakeholders to redirect opportunities to local materials sourcing and capacity building support.
  • Announce Habitat for Humanity’s commissioned study on the housing value chain informed by outcomes of the multi-stakeholders’ dialogue.
  • Formally present recommendations from the Dialogue at the MENA Housing Forum in Cairo in November.

Video highlights

Topics to be discussed

Introducing the major tracks

  • Examining affordability, adequacy, and inclusivity of housing for vulnerable communities
  • Revitalizing the existing stock of housing units in Beirut through regeneration, restoration, and rehabilitation works.
  • Introducing cost-efficient green technologies (focusing on water and energy) for the existing inadequate housing stock.
  • Contextualizing existing housing conditions in relation to public policy (and lack thereof), pointing specifically to problems that directly emerge from the current regulatory framework.
  • Presenting perspectives on self-recovery pathways in Beirut’s NGO-led blast recovery framework to inform strategies for dilapidated housing stocks.
  • Catalyzing the market system aligned to the housing value chain through supporting labor and locally produced and sourced construction materials, for the restoration and rehabilitation works of housing units. 

Organizing partners

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