Jordan Housing Forum

When: October 19th, 2022, 9:30am start
Where: Rotana Hotels - Boulevard
Building a community of experts

Forum objectives

Habitat for Humanity Jordan aims to advocate for a unified vision towards inclusive and sustainable housing for all across the Kingdom. The  forum intends to:

  • Discuss challenges faced by the different institutions in the housing sector
  • Promote inclusivity and affordability in the housing sector
  • Strengthen climate resilience and reducing vulnerability to climate change
  • Stimulate innovative actions plans to build adequate housing as a sustainable recovery pathway in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Advocate and influence  current policies and practices towards more decent housing solution(s).
  • Share Habitat’s experience and best practices, such as, the utilization of green technology in housing and other innovative methods
  • Provide a networking opportunity for participating agencies to foster future collaborations
  • Formulate a Jordan Housing Advisory Committee.
Our impact so far

About our work in Jordan

To date, Habitat for Humanity Jordan has served over 10,000 households (approximately 50,000 individuals) by building over 420 homes, rehabilitating 900 homes, and repairing 8,000 homes.  

Currently, Habitat for Humanity Jordan implements its strategy through three programs:

  • Middle East Refugee Crisis Initiative (MERCI) Program: responds to the needs of both Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanian families through humanitarian shelter interventions and neighborhood revitalization.
  • Revolving Fund (RV) Program: provides housing finance to vulnerable families through local partners (CBOs),to support the construction or rehabilitation of houses, to promote green building and equip homes with clean and sustainable energy, subsequently, improving their living conditions.
  • Environment Green Program (EG): constructing green buildings and rehabilitating to enable more green living practices

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